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Episode 71: Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome while Pining for Lin-Manuel Miranda (with Special Guest Lauren “Scribe” Harris)

You can’t say “No” to this…


It is the Lin-Manuel Miranda edition of The Shared Desk. Don’t think Lin-Manuel Miranda has anything to do with our topic, but as you listen to the show, you’ll understand why we are dedicating this show to the cast of the hottest musical to hit Broadway in decades…

00:00 —  Introduction

  • First show of the New year on account of a really rough start…
  • New drop in from Hamilton: An American Musical
  • Heading to Farpoint this weekend, but not the first event of 2017. At least, for Tee.
  • We got to make this event happen this weekend! We got to WORK!

03:54 — Episode 71: Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome while Pining for Lin-Manuel Miranda (with Special Guest Lauren “Scribe” Harris)

  • What are we drinking tonight? Viking Blod, the breakfast of writing champions!
  • The story of Blod and Smoky Writers Past.
  • A topic that came up during MAGFest…
  • The Imposter Syndrome
    • Defined by Tee
    • Defined by Pip
    • Defined by Lauren
  • The debate over the Imposter Syndrome
    • What do you say when successful indie authors are suffering this?
    • The next Hamilton reference…and another…
    • If your goal isn’t the validation you seek, then what is?
  • Are you listening to Words of a Feather podcast? Well, you should.
  • The Imposter Syndrome can come from a variety of sources…
    • Stress
    • Starting new projects in uncharted countries
    • Looking at where you are in your career and where you want to be
  • What’s attractive between both independent publishing and traditional publishing?
  • What’s tough to do between both independent publishing and traditional publishing?
  • Pip’s firmly planted in the Nick Kelly camp when it comes to the Imposter Syndrome.
  • Lauren owns it
    • …but Tee also copes with it…
    • ….and so does Pip.
  • Tee’s biggest Imposter Syndrome fear: He’s not a well-read guy.
  • How do we combat Imposter Syndrome?
    • For Lauren: Working harder.
    • For Tee: Jumping into a new idea.
    • For Pip: Solving the problem within the work.
  • Wired for Story — a resource all writers should have within reach
  • The return of Old Yeller

32:00 — Writers Off the Clock

  • So…fucking Lin-Manuel Miranda and his goddamn incredible talents…
  • Why were we resistant of the Ham Wagon?
    • For Pip: The girl’s a REBEL!
    • For Lauren: Her Obsessive Personality
    • For Tee: The Actor in Him and His Love of Musical Theatre
  • How did we finally surrender to the phenomenon of Hamilton: An American Musical?
    • For Pip: That reprobate from the Great White North…
    • For Lauren: Her roommate (and former guest of the show), Skribby
    • For Tee: He knew he was in trouble when watching Moana.
  • Sonic Boom was listening to Hamilton before we were!
  • Shout-out to the Howard Family who met one of the King George actors after the show…
  • Lot of cool things the Hamilton cast did during Lin-Manuel’s run.
  • Shout-out to JMU alumni behind the Shenandoah Shakespeare Express!

53:33 — The Wrap-Up

  • Drunk auditioning for Hamilton
  • More dates coming in 2017…
  • What was your favorite or most informative show in 2016?
    • Call us at 703.791.1701 (now accessible through the Instagram app!)
    • Send Tee email — tee@teemorris.com
    • Send Pip email — pip@pjballantine.com
    • …or find us on social media everywhere.
  • Tee can still do the end tag even after Blod!
  • Tee’s got a surprise in the works…

1:01:23 — Post-Show Groove


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Episode #60: Starting from Scratch…Again (with Special Guest Lauren “Scribe” Harris)


Hold on — Lauren “Scribe” Harris is back in studio?

Why, yes, yes, she is! With the Drakes out west, we need to fill the vacancy left behind; and Lauren is up for the challenge. Speaking of challenges, this week we’re facing that dreaded moment in a writer’s life when we look at a work-in-progress, realize that it is a ship sinking fast, and only one thing is left to do with it…

00:00 —  Introduction

  • Yay! Lauren’s back!
  • Tonight’s cocktail comes courtesy of MurLarkey’s Distilled Spirits, a Virginia Distillery and Bristow’s first!
    • Cinnamon Irish Coffee made with Cincerity
    • Tee prefers Smoke on the Mountain
    • This drink has a practical application, Lauren discovers
  • What brings Lauren back to the studio…

03:54 — Starting from Scratch…Again (with Lauren “Scribe” Harris) 

  • What happens when the story isn’t clicking?
    • For Pip, it was Hollywood Sentinels. A great idea…but just not a pleasant experience.
    • The story is broken, and Pip can’t discover the disconnect.
    • For Lauren, her own“Tackle & Grapple” happened not once but twice.
  • And here’s a new writer’s term: Ol’ Yellering a Novel. (I am so, so sorry.)
  • Lauren’s two Ol’ Yellers: The Mark of Flight and Hellhound
  • Is Ol’ Yellering a novel worth it?
  • If something feels wrong in a work-in-progress, chances are there is. Trust the instincts and start again.
  • Happy Fourth of July from our subdivision!
  • When two ideas struggle for attention, and one of the ideas isn’t falling into place, another idea might be worth pursuing.
  • Do you scrap an idea when you’re under contract? Sadly, yes.
  • How do you snap back psychologically from making the call of trashing a novel?
  • Before investing the energy and time into a broken story, consider what you are putting into it and the return from that investment.
  • What can be more crippling than scrapping a novel? Never finishing a novel.
  • Tee faces all these demons with Blackstar Rising.
  • This is the “Man Crush” moment of the show, featuring Chuck and Phil
  • No rapping! No rapping!
  • Tee’s reboot of Morevi. Not. Happening.
  • Lauren is a walking musical. You just randomly break out into song…
  • Sometimes, it’s better to walk forward than look back.
  • Scrapping an idea is not a reflection on you as a writer. It is a reflection on you as a professional.

31:42 — Writers Off the Clock

  • Still a favorite of Pip’s.
  • First stop for the weekend — Cobbler Mountain Cellars
    • We popped a “Bear Cherry” together.
    • Lauren’s favorite of the tasting: The Ginger Peach.
    • The Jeffersonian — Tastes Like Slavery
    • Cider Talk
  • Next stop: MurLarkey Distillery
    • This distillery is far too close to us!
    • Tee recalls his Vodka Vault experience…and how terrible it was.
    • However, the Divine Clarity was amazing!
    • Another surprise—the Imagination.
    • What we brought back— Clemoncy and Cincerity.
    • And we’ve been mixing drinks…
    • The winner of the weekend: Smoke on the Mountain
    • Good times at MurLarkey!
  • Clocking in time in the Man Cave with…
  • Escape Velocity, the first convention hosted by the Museum of Science Fiction
    • Where is everyone?
    • We looked good…but we were the only ones in costume.
    • Fantastic programming, and apparently that was where all the people were.
    • Steampunk in Anime, Film, and Print—the panel that almost wasn’t.
    • The convention crew was spot-on amazing!
    • Charles Dunbar and Doomtastic were on the panel…and we had a great time.
    • Then came The Big Score…and communication was proving a bit of a challenge.
    • Escape Velocity still came through, and I was able to give the presentation.
    • Always nice when you do a giveaway and your winners get excited over the free stuff!
    • Some advice to the con organizers for 2017…
    • We need folks like Pamela Gay, Stephen Grenade, John Cmar, and others on account of the STEM focus.
  • Keep listening to see if Tee, Pip, and others return for Escape Velocity 2017…

58:34 — Wrapping up

  • What do you know? We went long.
  • Where Lauren will be?
    • 16 JulyCongregate in High Point, North Carolina
    • Sometime in August — LaurenCon 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • What’s coming up for us?
  • Got thoughts or comments on this show or what we are rambling about at the end of the show?
    • We have voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • I have email — tee@teemorris.com
    • Pip’s got email — pip@pjballantine.com
    • …and on various corners of social media!
  • Listen up — here’s where you can find all of us online!
  • Whoops! Tee swiped Pip’s closing line.


Find us on Twitter at either Tee’s or Pip’s account,
on Tee, or the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences on Periscope
leave us a voicemail or question for the show at 703.791.1701,
or leave us a comment here at the blog.

Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.


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