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Episode #98: RWA Implosion

00:00 Introduction

Pip and Tee are ready for the New Year, and we’re kicking off with a show many tongues are wagging about: The RWA Bruhaha Extraordinaire!

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Above you got the live open mic segments and tangents a-plenty, and we’d love to see you come by and visit us when EPISODE 100 rolls around. Be there for the fun and we will gladly take your questions LIVE on stream.

Join us for a good time as we take a good look at what is going on with the RWA.

01:05 The Romance Writers of America

  • Tee and Pip are not romance writers, but they have an RT Award, and write stories with romantic elements
  • America is changing and so should its writing.
  • Check out Claire Ryan’s ongoing chronicling of the situation
  • It all kicked off when Suzan Tisdale filed an ethics complaint against Courtney Milan
  • It spiraled from there into resignations, cancelling of events, and people cancelling their memberships
  • Just own your mistakes.
  • Now the original complainant says she only ever wanted an apology
  • But at the same time threatened legal action!
  • Karen wants to see the manager!!
  • Another example of keeping your receipts…
  • Presidents have toppled…
  • Chuck Tingle got involved. Nora Roberts got involved
  • Pip The best disinfectant is sunshine.
  • Hopefully there will be good things from this
  • SFWA offers a safe haven for those with spec fic elements
  • The whole affair has esculated akin to the Thing
Everyone wants to get the hell away from this….
  • Our genre has had plenty of its own problems too…
  • But what will rise from the ashes…
  • But wait… the original complainant has remembered something differently
  • What is the takeaway from all this?
  • Diversity and representation does matter
  • Pip is dealing that right now. The Fierce Dead coming in February.
  • Sensitivity readers are important.
  • Also check out Writing the Other
  • The balance is delicate
  • Keep your receipts
  • And we’ll see how this all plays out

27:38 We’re in the Kitchen

  • Don’t freak out, we’re detoxing
  • Yes, we’re aware we have livers, but this is for something else
Gotta have em
  • Stevia is not Tee’s thing
  • Monkfruit all the things!!
  • Tee is caffeine free… for now, but it’ll be first up!
  • Lots… and lots… of water…

36:50 Wrap Up

  • Thanks again to Claire Ryan for chronicling all the RWA shenanigans
  • Don’t forget to join us live on Twitch, we have a post show not in the podcast

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Enjoy the ride
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