Episode 48: A Writer’s Look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens (with Dr. Stacia and Nick Kelly)


We managed to get into the studio and we’re letting colorful language and personal opinions fly as we welcome back to the Shared Desk Dr. Stacia Kelly and Nick Kelly into the new studio with a spoilerific episode at what all the nerdy kids are all running to the theatres to see…

00:00 Introduction

  • We’re back, and Tee still remembers how everything works!
  • Stacia’s lifting weights, and Nick is taking to edits on their works-in-progress.
  • Nick is refusing to look at the White Board Wall as The Ghost Rebellion is completely mapped out.


We kick back and talk all about….


1:07:18 Some After-Force, Slightly-Spoilery Banter

  • We talk a bit about what upcoming plans for travel, book events, and the like.
  • What to see in London.
  • Don’t be in London in case of any natural disasters…but if aliens show up, keep an eye out for a madman in a box…
  • Pip encourages a fantasy of Tee’s at the Globe Theatre.
  • No more Crazy Uncle Charlie.
  • A tangent on William Hootkins
  • What we are watching on television. MORE SPOILERS AHEAD!
  • Wrapping it all up…



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Enjoy the ride
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3 Responses to Episode 48: A Writer’s Look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens (with Dr. Stacia and Nick Kelly)

  1. This was so much fun, and I have caught up on Ash vs. Evil Dead since then.

  2. It was fun indeed! Four items that came to mind (at least until I listen to the cast again):

    1. Re: objections to building a Starkiller planetary weapon when the supposedly less-expensive Death Stars had failed: I’m wondering if retrofitting an existing planet with a First Order BFG Kit (pat. pend.) inside an existing planet might actually be less costly than constructing an entire moon←←←←← artificial planetoid from scratch. Perhaps the Supreme Leader has a small warehouse full of the kits, each one in a set of crates with a boatload of IKEA instruction leaflets.

    2. Tee’s incredulity that Han had never fired Chewie’s bowcaster in all this time. But consider: It’s been three decades since “Return of the Jedi.” I’m willing to believe Chewie got at least one upgrade to his bowcaster during all that time … and so no, Han’s never taken the Mussorgsky PeakStripper 6.2 for a spin. (Heck, I didn’t know Chewie’s weapon could shoot energy packets or, for that matter, anything other than physical missles. And perhaps he couldn’t, until this model.)

    3. Rey as a “Mary Sue”? Kiddest thou me? It was well established shortly after Ep. IV came out that Luke himself was George Lucas’s own Mary Sue. Mark Hamill was quoted as saying that when he heard that GL had been called “Kid,” as Han did Luke, he realized that, sonuvagun, “Luke” was “Lucas.” So he tried playing a couple of scenes the way he imagined Lucas would have done, and when Lucas gave his approval Hamill decided that his guess was on target.

    And what if she were? We’re seeing evidence all over the place that young women are delighting in it — a character with the capability and identifiability of young Luke, coming in a venue that doesn’t depend on Joss Whedon, turns out to be a breath of fresh air.

    4. THE FORCE AWAKENS … man, that’s gonna involve a lotta coffee ….

  3. “Fresh air,” that is, to those of us who haven’t been producing this kind of character for SWORD AND SORCERESS and similar anthologies for years … 🙂 (See my forthcoming “The Snowflake Fallacy” in DOMAINS OF DARKOVER, coming in May!)