Episode #61: REPOST — Panel Etiquette (with Special Guest Nick A. Kelly)



Due to an odd hiccup in the FTP, here is a repost of Episode #61, and this time all of it should be there. Nice timing though as we can share a link with you…


And now, to the show.

Back in the studio and back in your podcatcher of choice on the day we head out to Detroit, we are joined by Nick Kelly (who is taking notes on how we do things as we have another podcasting project in the works—STAY TUNED!) as we are asked by one of our listeners, “I am heading to conventions as a Guest. I’m on panels. What do I do?”

That’s why we are here for you. We know stuff.

00:00 —  Introduction

  • Tee loses track of his cursor after a fantastic intro from Pip…whoopsie!
  • Still on track since the beginning of 2016!
  • Wait—Pip missed a Deadpool reference?!
  • Tonight’s Drink: Buffalo Trace (a bourbon…with a kick)
    • Reach behind you, Kelly, and pull out the bottle!
    • Sleeping well tonight with 90-Proof
    • Comparing Buffalo Trace to the Blade & Bow

02:53 — Panel Etiquette (with Special Guest Nick A. Kelly)

  • Yes, we take requests at The Shared Desk!
  • A good topic as we are heading to Detroit for Motor City SteamCon!
  • John Strangeway is going to be there. Joy!
  • The Potomac Nationals are not afraid to let their geek flag fly. Check out this jersey…
  • A tangent on Batman V Superman…
  • We Google “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo” so you won’t have to.
  • Minor Leagues will do ANYTHING to get people in the stands!
  • Heading to conventions not as Attendees but as Guest & Participants. So what can you do at a convention?
    • Pip defines a Panel and how it all works.
    • Tee gives a few stories behind how some Panels become Seminars.
    • Nick goes into the in’s and out’s of a Workshop, and how to make them a hit.
  • Do some research before your panel.
    • Who are you talking with on panels?
    • What are you talking about?
    • Who’s moderating the panel? Are you moderating the panel?
  • Remember, on a panel, it’s not all about you.
  • How do you handle a S.M.O.F.?
    • S.M.O.F. defined
    • It’s up to the moderator to tell the S.M.O.F. to STFU.
    • Stories of S.M.O.F.’s: the Good and the Bad
  • Moderators: The Panel’s SuperGlue
    • What Pip looks for in a Moderator
    • What happens when a Moderator doesn’t do their job, or has an agenda…
    • Moderators and S.M.O.F.’s: Game on, folks!
    • They are the Captains of the Panel and should be respected and obeyed.
  • Nick talks a bit about Lauren’s recent Shared Desk on panel etiquette.
  • Carl Cipra — Tee’s Yoda of Moderating
  • Our best moderator? Bill Blume of James River Writers. He read our books for a panel he was moderating with us!
  • Nothing says “insecurity” quite like a wall of books.
    • “I’m gonna build a WALL…and it’s gonna be beautiful…”
    • One or two books at the most in front of you.
    • Go digital and have an iPad showing off your cover art…but don’t make it a slide show about you.
  • Panels rely not just on your individual prep but on the prep of the other panelists.
  • Make no mistake: You can make an impression on an audience as a moderator.
  • What about Workshops? How do you prepare?
  • Nick Kelly IS a walking drop-in!
  • The peril of Workshops: Having one student that wants to comment on everything! (Let the other participants play.)
  • Always over-prepare for a workshop. Have too much to do!
  • When you get charged to run a workshop on dry material, you need to find some time to have fun.
  • The danger of Seminars: There are those audience members who think they are smarter than you.
  • A fine line between S.M.O.F.’s and a lack of social skills
  • How to handle a S.M.O.F. in a seminar
    • First Step: Be polite and try to answer the question.
    • Second Step: Take a firm stance.
    • Final Step: SHUT. THEM. DOWN.
  • With a final nod to the Great Pumpkin…

43:14 — Wrapping up


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Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.

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