Episode #68: Writing Under Duress

Welcome to December.

One month remaining in TWENTY-FREAKING-SIXTEEN!

How are you holding up?

00:00 —  Introduction

  • Nope. Not THAT episode. One more to go…
  • We are about as mature as toddlers.
  • Misfires on the drop-in’s and headphones
  • Is 2017 here yet?
  • So how about we get back to it?

01:54 — Episode #68: Writing under Duress

  • Watching the Facebook feed at the end of NaNoWriMo….and not seeing a lot of happy writers.
  • Let’s be honest about November and 2016 on a whole.
  • We got off to a great start…and then we lost two legends in one week!
  • Good thing The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh had a deadline before the 2016 Election.
  • Pip didn’t even vote and she shut down.
  • Watch us dance around the current political climate…
  • Creativity can sometimes be a path out of the darkness.
    • For Pip, she pulled out of a rough patch with 4000 words.
    • Tee got some help from Countless Hues of Crimson.
  • Does comedy help unlock the funk?
  • Tee’s trying to tell a story, but Pip is giving him a look…which doesn’t work well in audio.
  • When surrounded by tragedy, Tee found a groove with MOREVI.
  • Writing can be an escape. Writing can also be commentary.
  • The science fiction of the 1960’s was truly a chronicle of the time.
  • Tee turns the tables on Pip…
    • When Pip was at rock bottom, she created worlds.
    • Writing was a positive light in her life.
    • Without Pip’s divorce, Geist wouldn’t have happened.
  • We love Roger Ballantine on this show!
  • 2017 is going to be a GREAT year for us, writing-wise!
  • Comparing the angst and suffering against the Smoky Writers atmosphere
    • Duress doesn’t always have to be bad
    • Even in a nurturing environment, there is pressure!
    • Brussel sprouts are GOOD at Smoky Writers!
  • Regardless of the positive or negative duress, the quality of words is not necessarily different. They are still good.
  • 2016 can take a flying leap! (UPDATE: No, the cabin didn’t make it.)
  • A moment about creativity during darker times…
    • Pip has been sending Tee mixed messages about what kind of Bowie she likes.
    • Look at the Romantics and their own poetry of the time…
  • Tee explains Communism versus Socialism through a cookout analogy.
  • Crawling out of the muck of depression
  • When do you need help?
  • Take care of yourself.

27:54 — Listener Mail!

38:59 — Wrapping up

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  • What’s coming up?
    • NOTHING!
    • Baking for the holidays. Smoking meats for the holidays.
  • Kicking off 2017 in January
  • A full writing schedule…
    • Countless Hues of Crimson (coming in December)
    • Audio version of Magical Mechanications (coming in December)
    • Tales from the Archives: The Final Season (going live at Christmas)
    • …and new stories from Pip and Tee coming in 2017!
  • We have a new name for our Canadian daughter…
  • Are you listening to Words of a Feather? How about Tee & Pip playing Dungeons & Dragons?
  • We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line!


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