Episode #63: Batman V Superman & Suicide Squad from the Writing Desk (with Laura Nicole)


This Shared Desk is, once again, a look at the silver screen from the Writer’s Desk. This time we have returned from watching Suicide Squad. With a re-watch of Batman V Superman fresh in our minds, we decide to do a breakdown of both films and discuss how Suicide Squad succeeded where BVS failed.

00:00 —  Introduction

  • The drop-in’s are hinting over what we’re talking about
  • Look who’s in studio—it’s Laura Nicole, the Gypsy in the Attic!
  • Tonight’s Drink
    • Tee’s going with an old favorite: Romantic Chemistry from Dogfish Head Ale
    • The ladies are embibing with a Richmond Favorite: Blue Bee Cider
  • Laura’s got a new book…provided she could remember this book’s title.


03:45 — Batman V Superman & Suicide Squad from the Writing Desk (with Laura Nicole)

  • In preparation for going to see Suicide Squad, we all settled in to watch Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 
  • Working chronologically, but let’s talk a bit about the first impression of Suicide Squad.
  • Were there any funny moments in BvS? A few, actually…
  • Zac Snyder, fess up—you have no clue how to handle Kal, do you?
  • Stop playing favorites, Snyder!
  • Pip’s take on the plot of Batman V Superman: Utter ridiculousness.
  • How BvS is a great lesson in giving characters agency.
  • Tee’s new project: Bond CRIBS.
  • So why are people pissed at Superman again? Luthor? Senator Finch? Seriously, no one knows!
  • Even when the characters gained agency, the script stole it from them.
  • Anyone else think Doomsday was shoe-horned into this script?
  • No, Pip REALLY didn’t like Alexander Luthor.
  • Alexander Luthor, Social Media Douchebag.
  • For God’s Sake, Superman. Jesus Christ………
  • Addressing the 800-pound gorilla: DC Films is trying to catch up with Marvel.
  • Age of Ultron and Batman V Superman—what they share in common.
  • Pip loved Wonder Woman…but her presence was a little odd.
  • Both BvS and Suicide Squad suffered weak plots. That’s a shame.
  • The problem with Lois Lane.
  • What’s with the crazy dream sequences?!
  • The Writer’s Grades for Batman V Superman
    • Laura: D-
    • Pip: D
    • Tee: C- (I’m trying to be good to it, Billy Flynn…)
  • That script was begging to be Ol’ Yellered!
  • Onward to Suicide Squad
    • Better characters
    • The odd story was easier to follow.
    • AMANDA WALLER. Boom.
  • Where Tee wags a finger at Billy on the “multiverse” defense for these film, and talks a bit about the inherent problem with comic book movies.
  • In praise of flashbacks
  • Suicide Squad worked (more or less) with the ensamble cast.
    • Why didn’t Captain Boomerang get killed off? Why Slipknot, the one Native American character? I’m just saying.
    • Katana wasn’t needed…but she was awesome.
    • This wasn’t a Will Smith movie.
    • Tee’s favorite Harley Quinn Moment
  • One little problem: “The Big Bad”
    • Problems with The Enchantress as the main villain
    • The Joker. Okay…Tee’s trying to put behind him his own feelings on Method Acting. That being said…
  • A deep dive into the relationship between Joker and Harley (that Suicide Squad handled exceptionally well)
  • We wouldn’t say no to a Harley film.
  • This movie was not the mess that critics made it out to be.
  • The Writer’s Grades for Suicide Squad
    • Pip: A- (Like mother, like daughter)
    • Laura: B
    • Tee: B+
    • And a few tangents in-between…
  • Want to know the best way to take make an Aussie die in public?

54:56 — The LootCrate Lookie Loo

  • Time-shifting so we can get in this Lookie-Loo
  • Boom’s got her own Loot Crate happening. Stay tuned for that!
  • August’s Loot Crate: Anti-Hero
    • The Tee-shirt: Archer for President
    • Q-Fig Figurine: Harley Quinn and her hyena from the classic Batman: The Animated Series
    • Loot Wear: Kill Bill socks
    • Loot Crate pin: World of Warcraft
    • Loot Crate Exclusive: Hellboy’s Right Hand Of Doom
  • This crate is the first crate that we’re keeping EVERYTHING!
  • What’s in the Anti-Hero booklet?
  • Pip has a plan for all the pins…
  • Hold on, we’re time-shifting again!!!

1:02:12 — Wrapping up

  • Where will Laura be?
    • Chapatacon in October
    • Vally Free Radio (Vally Free Radio.org)
  • Tee steps up to see if he can still do the Radio DJ radio challenge. (And yes, he has still got it!)
  • What’s coming up for us?
  • Got thoughts or comments on this show or what we are rambling about at the end of the show?
    • We have voicemail — 703.791.1701
    • I have email — tee@teemorris.com
    • Pip’s got email — pip@pjballantine.com
    • And Laura is at GypsyLaura.com



Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.

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