Episode 65: New Collaborating Couples (with Piper J Drake and Matthew J Drake)


This Shared Desk is back with the timeshifting content as they unleash a new, collaborating couple on the world…

00:00 —  Introduction

  • Our podcast can now retire…but why, when we are having this much fun?!
  • Pork?
  • And our special guests…Piper J Drake and HattsOfMatt who are visiting!!!
  • It’s a great visit because MurLarkey was involved!
  • Alright, time to sober up…

06:47 — New Collaborating Couples (with Piper and Matt!)

  • Look at who is collaborating on a book together!
  • And the drop-in’s are a-flying!
  • Matt passes the buck.
  • Piper J and Matthew are working on two proposals together!
  • Piper blanks on the name of the inspiration behind her Fantasy epic…which is Inkarnate.
  • Pip tries to pin Tee’s (then-current) stress level concerning The Silver Pharaoh on him, but…..
  • The original plan for Silver Pharaoh
    • This was supposed to be a solo project…and not for Tee.
    • We pause for a few moments of madness.
    • Tee brings it back…
    • …and this is how Pip and I wound up having another shared title.
    • That being said, Tee is loving the ride with the Ministry Seven.
  • Pip’s Advice on Collaborating with a S.O. — Don’t hold a grudge.
  • Yeah, this happened while Peej and Matt were here… (Expect to hear this at random points throughout the show.)
  • The advantage and disadvantage of working across really long distances…
  • Piper is stalking authors Ann Aguirre and Rachel Caine, working on a book together.
  • Piper’s jam for collaboration: Google Docs.
  • Tee’s secret weapon for getting in the last word: Good vodka.
  • A joy of collaboration: The Second Brain.
  • Remember that deadline we gave Matt back on Show #54? Well….
  • Playing on strengths
    • Tee makes people fight.
    • Pip sets the scene.
    • Matt relies on Piper to transcribe everything!
  • Spitballing Sessions: That’s good times there, bae!
  • If you listen close enough, you can hear Matt blushing.
  • Tee’s Advice on Collaborating with a S.O. — Be able to take criticism.
  • The Underwoods ain’t got nothin’ on Pip Ballantine
  • Pip’s a black belt in Passive Aggressive behavior…with an emphasis on the aggressive.
  • Matt’s Question: Why do you keep coming back to projects together?
  • Quick plug for the Geek Wolfpack Podcast and PIP’S EMBIGGONING.
  • Another reason to collaborate with a S.O.? It’s hella-fun!
  • Oh dear, we broke Matthew.

35:11 — Loot Crate Lookie-Loo

  • A return visit from Sonic Boom!
  • The themes for this go-round
    • For Mom & Dad — Speed
    • For Boom — Battlefield
  • Boom’s crate was a psyche-out — it’s just the membership tee-shirt.
  • So Boom joins in for Speed
    • Stark Racing from Iron Man II is the tee-shirt
    • The Batwing from Tim Burton’s Batman.
    • It’s Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds.
    • A Flash hoodie. Not the kind of hoodie you would think though…
    • A niiiiice Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica (the reboot)
    • The Loot Crate pin — slick!
  • Geeky parents are stepping up to see where their daughter’s crate is.
  • What about these other geeky properties?
  • Batman…not Boom’s fandom.
  • Cars…could be Boom’s fandom.
  • Boom waxes about past birthday parties and looks ahead to an upcoming celebration.

45:12 — Wrapping up

  • Timeshifting back to the present day!
  • The Loot Crate update
  • What’s coming up…
  • Got thoughts or comments on this show? We have voicemail — 703.791.1701
  • Too much timeshifting!
  • And here’s a quick throwback to when we were at Steampunk unLimited last year…


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Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.

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