Episode #83: The Benefits of Hanging with Creative People

We are horrendously late getting this episode out (but don’t sweat it as we’re going to be recording another one next week!) but let’s call it like it is: November was a cray-cray month! After a wild ride between the end of October and the beginning of November, The Shared Desk is reflecting on their week of solid creativity, and also share their thoughts about a creative Kiwi and his recent motion picture that you may have heard of.

So, yeah, it took us a few weeks to getting around to posting this episode. We blame jetlag, the holidays, and smoking meats…

00:00 —  Introduction

  • Recorded just after the Virginia elections, and it’s been a really great 48 hours.
  • Respect the accent there, bro!
  • A shout out to Taika Waititi, and an invitation to drink.
  • Foreshadowing to this episode’s “Writers Off the Clock” segment.

01:49 —  Episode #83: The Benefits of Hanging with Creative People

  • In our last episode we were talking about Dragon Anywhere and we are going to be talking about her again!
  • Tee flew out the day before his birthday to get together with Chuck Tomasi for P.I.Y. 2017!
  • There were some very cool people at the event…
  • Yep, Tee met and shared hugs with Joe Hogan of Geektitude!
  • Jack Mangan’s daughter learns something new about her dad.
  • Will there be another P.I.Y. event? Well, about that…
  • Tee has a copy of Podcasting for Dummies in his hands! (And yes, the podcast is back!)
  • Quick shout-out to Chuck and Donna Tomasi’s AirBnB
  • Tee sat in with the crew of Technorama. Shenanigans occurred.
  • Six days away from home, and Tee was feeling the stress.
  • Finally, Tee and Pip reunite at the 2017 Drake Writing Retreat which kicked off Thursday.
  • When looking for a location for writing retreats, you will want to look at “places to write” at the house.
  • The challenges of finishing up a draft of Operation: Endgame and returning to a book Tee had not touched in years…
  • Meanwhile, Pip was cranking out words in transit. So she started a brand new project in the middle of the Retreat.
  • Pip’s new secret weapon of creativity: The Rocketbook.
  • Alex White’s thumbprint on Pip’s work-in-progress
  • The enjoyment of sharing space and oxygen with incredibly creative people
  • Official signings v. drive-by signings
  • The joy of creating content after talking about the creative process
  • The day after getting home, riding off  P.I.Y. and the Drake Retreat, Tee was in-studio, recording an interview for Happy Hour from the Tower.
  • How hanging out with creatives lead to other creative ideas…

27:34 — Writers Off the Clock

  • Sebastian wants LOVE!
  • What happens when Kiwis get a hold of a Norse god? THOR: Ragnarök happens.
  • Filmed in beautiful technocolour!
  • A brief look at the previous THOR movies
  • Get to know Taika Waititi
    • Flight of the Conchords
    • What We Do in the Shadows
    • Hunt for the Wilderpeople (and watch these commercials afterwards)
  • Did Taika do New Zealand proud? Oh, yeah.
  • SPOILERS HAPPENING HERE — jump to 47:12 to avoid them!
  • Pip was ready to riot if there was a problem with Idris.

48:25 — The Wrap-Up


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