Episode #92: Looking Back on 2018

What a year it has been. 2018 was the best of times and the worst of times…

The Shared Desk, now recorded LIVE on Twitch at Tee’s Twitch Channel, hops, skips, and jumps its way through 2018, and looks at what was a hit, what was a miss, and what we have to look forward to in the coming year.

00:00 —  Introduction

  • We’re kicking off this show with premium cat butt
  • Sometimes you just have to ride the impulse wave and go LIVE on Twitch!
  • When going live, where do you look?
  • Geek Parenting…
  • So, we’re having adult beverages tonight.

05:05 —  Episode #92: Looking Back on 2018 

  • Let’s glance in the rearview, shall we?
  • Episode #86
    • Big Doctor Who shout-out’s
    • Why was Battlefield Earth on the Hallmark Channel?
    • It was a mega-podcast with The Geek Wolfpack Podcast and K.T. Bryski
    • This was recorded before the younglings landed their respective high schools.
    • Conventions, conventions, conventions….
    • ….and juggling projects.
    • Brandon questions why Tee would be writing Twitch for Dummies.
    • Pro Tip: Find yourself a good Tech Editor.
  • Episode #87
    • Lani Sarem, part of an elite group of idiots in the publishing industry
    • 2018. Not a good year from Zuckerberg’s House.
    • Social Media matters.
    • The New York Times piece that gives Tee pause…
    • Changes in the Facebook approach
  • Episode #88
    • Big jump between episodes. All the bad things were happening.
    • Tee’s Mom is holding up way better than Tee could have hoped.
    • Then Tee sticks the landing with Code.gov.
    • Tee misses his Dad. Hard. All for good reasons.
    • Finding a calm in the storm with Lost in Space on Netflix
  • Episode #89
    • The Sea King’s Daughters launched.
    • Pip loves her spreadsheets!
    • Tee completed the fiftieth short story in Tales from the Archives.
    • Balticon, baby, with the Chain Mail Nerd!!!
    • Nerding….The Next Generation
    • Detroit Become Human and the writing behind it
  • Episode #90
    • Pip was a little apprehensive about streaming, but that didn’t last for long…
    • While Tee and Pip streamed, Nick and Brandon work out a novel development.
    • Pip found Later and Canva around this time.
    • Tee was working towards his Dummies deadline
    • Big month for Pip
    • The Books & Braun Dossier launched.
    • Dope is still underway, and with the furlough, Tee has time to edit.
    • Mainlining Poirot on account of Kenneth Branagh
  • Episode #91
    • Amazon devours Createspace and Tee turns 50!
    • Achtung, Baby!!!
    • Seriously, you’re taking up Krav Maga at fifty?!
    • Tee and Pip — Professional Beer Hipsters
    • And Tee slips over to the Dark Side…
    • The Germany Trip was a good time, even with the delay in the U.K.
    • Returning to the book business of Createspace, and the growing pains present.
  • Let’s go to the spreadsheets!!!
  • Yes, Pip was a machine in 2018.
  • Audiobooks have been very, very good to us.
  • 2019…new stuff to come.

45:15 — The Wrap-Up

  • Wrapping up the podcast, but when you follow or subscribe to the stream, you get the extra content!
  • Pip’s Patreon is still going strong in case you were wondering.
  • More nerdy, writerly talk on the stream; but we’re heading out!
  • Tee is still working on getting podcasts back on track, including this one and Happy Hour from the Tower.
  • If you have an event and want The Shared Desk to appear there, or if you just want to share an opinion about the show, here’s where to find us…
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