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Episode #104: Hugo and toxic fandom

  • Technology works, and we shout out to the live audience who joined us on Twitch
  • Our cat is recuperating from surgery, and we’re recuperating from the Hugos. Makes him rather grumpy…
  • Guess what made Pip and Tee grumpy
  • It’s not the gloves from Ritual Motion
Pip and Tee can however…here we go…

2:31 Let’s talk about the Hugo Awards

  • The latest Worldcon was held in Pip’s hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, but the pandemic made it have to become virtual
  • The Hugo are fan voted, and are not strangers to controversy
  • Pip and Tee discuss that ‘golden age’ of science fiction
  • George RR Martin was asked to be toastmaster
  • Tee has been the MC at Pip’s brother’s wedding.
  • The role requires you talk about the people who the event is for.
  • The Hugo Awards were about the nominees, but GRRM didn’t get that memo
  • He then proceeded to pine for the good ole days of John W Campbell, Heinlein, Asimov et al
  • All of GRRM’s parts were pre-recorded
  • Tee asks Pip how she feels as a New Zealander and a writer
  • ConZealand was planned for many, many years
  • Pip was angry, disappointed and mortified… New Zealand is better than this
  • Even assuming GRRM was not sent pronunciation, that doesn’t let him off the hook
  • Pip and Tee remain unsurprised at how his recordings went down
  • The Hugo Awards have become more diverse but it has a history of being exclusionary
  • Lots of inside jokes, name dropping… all of these things make sure there is an ‘us’ and ‘them’
  • Making community means being welcoming
  • Harking back to an age GRRM has nostalgia about, brings a lot of baggage
  • Pip talks about the nature of fandom in New Zealand
  • Fandom needs to think about how they empower people by ignoring their behavior
  • The award winners were a diverse, world-wide group of people, but GRRM barely mentioned them
  • The always popular apology-non-apology
  • Pip dives into how women (especially of an older generation) are taught not to make a fuss in order to be part of the boy’s club
  • New Zealand’s specific national psyche may have fed into this.
  • Pip wonders what happened? Did they watch it? Were they afraid of GRRM?
  • Tee reminds every writer, that this is a professional setting.
  • Pip confirms New Zealand is massively passive aggressive
  • There is a way to own it though
  • But not just GRRM and the con organizers should own it.
  • We need to be better… as fans and writers.
  • The Hugo Awards are meant to celebrate about what is best during the last year
  • Young authors need to feel that they can be in the space of the Hugos. This is a place for them.
  • Hopefully good changes will come out of this.

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