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Episode #104: Hugo and toxic fandom

  • Technology works, and we shout out to the live audience who joined us on Twitch
  • Our cat is recuperating from surgery, and we’re recuperating from the Hugos. Makes him rather grumpy…
  • Guess what made Pip and Tee grumpy
  • It’s not the gloves from Ritual Motion
Pip and Tee can however…here we go…

2:31 Let’s talk about the Hugo Awards

  • The latest Worldcon was held in Pip’s hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, but the pandemic made it have to become virtual
  • The Hugo are fan voted, and are not strangers to controversy
  • Pip and Tee discuss that ‘golden age’ of science fiction
  • George RR Martin was asked to be toastmaster
  • Tee has been the MC at Pip’s brother’s wedding.
  • The role requires you talk about the people who the event is for.
  • The Hugo Awards were about the nominees, but GRRM didn’t get that memo
  • He then proceeded to pine for the good ole days of John W Campbell, Heinlein, Asimov et al
  • All of GRRM’s parts were pre-recorded
  • Tee asks Pip how she feels as a New Zealander and a writer
  • ConZealand was planned for many, many years
  • Pip was angry, disappointed and mortified… New Zealand is better than this
  • Even assuming GRRM was not sent pronunciation, that doesn’t let him off the hook
  • Pip and Tee remain unsurprised at how his recordings went down
  • The Hugo Awards have become more diverse but it has a history of being exclusionary
  • Lots of inside jokes, name dropping… all of these things make sure there is an ‘us’ and ‘them’
  • Making community means being welcoming
  • Harking back to an age GRRM has nostalgia about, brings a lot of baggage
  • Pip talks about the nature of fandom in New Zealand
  • Fandom needs to think about how they empower people by ignoring their behavior
  • The award winners were a diverse, world-wide group of people, but GRRM barely mentioned them
  • The always popular apology-non-apology
  • Pip dives into how women (especially of an older generation) are taught not to make a fuss in order to be part of the boy’s club
  • New Zealand’s specific national psyche may have fed into this.
  • Pip wonders what happened? Did they watch it? Were they afraid of GRRM?
  • Tee reminds every writer, that this is a professional setting.
  • Pip confirms New Zealand is massively passive aggressive
  • There is a way to own it though
  • But not just GRRM and the con organizers should own it.
  • We need to be better… as fans and writers.
  • The Hugo Awards are meant to celebrate about what is best during the last year
  • Young authors need to feel that they can be in the space of the Hugos. This is a place for them.
  • Hopefully good changes will come out of this.

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The Dog Days of Podcasting: Managing Expectations (feat. Indiana Jim)

Special thanks to Corbin J Drake for the photo.

The 2017 Dog Days of Podcasting challenge—a 10-minute podcast—got voicemail?


Yep, a blast from the past with fellow podcaster and storyteller Indiana Jim who left a detailed message for Tee about his first DDoP 2017 episode on Writer’s Rage. It’s advice that becomes real talk on expectations, something that matters to writers everywhere.


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Episode #64: Following up with K.T. Bryski and Her Writing Grant


The streak ends.

We managed to post on our bi-weekly schedule without fail from the beginning of this year to August 24, but as our break was on account of the upcoming Curse of the Silver Pharaoh, we thought you would be okay wth that. Our next two shows we have pre-recorded and are timeshifting the crap out of them, but we are back on track after a month of hardcore editing!

On this episode of The Shared Desk, we’re following-up with frequent guest and adoptive-Canadian-daughter, author K.T. Bryski, talking about her podcast Six Stories Told at Night. If you recall on Episode #46, we talked about the grant she submitted for this project. Now hear about the end result!

00:00 —  Introduction

  • Tee flies solo in the introduction
  • So ends the streak.
  • Getting back on track with author K.T. Bryski.

01:55 — Episode #64: Follwing Up with K.T. Bryski

  • We like running video with Skype because we like the eye contact.
  • What brings K.T. back to the Shared Desk?
    • Back in October 2015, we talked about Grants onIf you recall on Episode #46.
    • Now, welcome to Episode #64.
    • A good chunk went to the vocal talent, Blythe Haynes. (And yes, she earned it!)
    • What is Six Stories Told at Night…apart from awesome?
    • What a breathtaking score! WHAT TALENTED MOFO DID YOU HIRE?!
    • And now, Tee works through his insecurity with Alex. (No, no, no….I love you, Alex…)
    • How some alcohol at the Smoky Writers Retreat becomes an incredible original score.
    • And, of course, artwork from Starla!
  • You got the idea. Now how do you get money from DAT HANDSOME PM and his governmental friends?
  • Where do you learn how to write grants?
  • Why not use Kickstarter instead of applying through a grant?
  • The Shared DeskTOTES UNEDITED!!!
  • When applying for grants, what happens when you are done?
    • Is there a review of the project?
    • Is there promotion from the grant foundation?
    • What happens after the project is done?
    • How is the accountability handled?
  • How has K.T.’s podcasting platform and recent writing accolades affected the Six Stories launch and its run?
  • 2016 has been the Year of Bryski!
  • K.T. and Blythe are up to some shenanigans at Black Creek….
  • What’s the response been to Six Stories?
  • And K.T. displays her bass drum skills.
  • A bit more man-love for the Canadian P.M.
  • Wait, what was the question? (Mmmmm….Trudeau……….)
  • So—Grants? worth it?
  • What’s next for K.T. Bryski?
  • Where will K.T. be?
    • CanCon (come and gone….)
    • Road Tripping to Northern Virginia!
  • And Tee lapses into his inner-Donald. (Sorry about that, folks.)

34:32 — The Loot Crate Lookie-Loo

  • First time in-studio special guest…
  • How’s THAT for a trip down Memory Lane?!
  • One of Boom’s Early Words: “Podcast” (Parenting Done Right!)
  • Boom went with Gaming out of the Loot Crate options. Here’s why…
  • Overwatch? Yeah, that’s Boom’s jam.
  • Inside Boom’s FIRST crate…
    • August’s Theme — Mecha (as part of Loot Crate Gaming)
    • A cyberpunk figure from Deus Ex
    • A tee-shirt from Destiny (and Dad can’t trade it with Boom because it isn’t his size…DAMN!)
  • POP QUIZ: What are the three classes in Destiny? #ProudGamerParentsMoment
  • Back to the Loot Crate…
    • A baseball hat from Lawbreakers
    • A “Big Daddy” patch from the original Bioshock
    • A “Clap Trap” bottle opener from Borderlands 2
  • The interior of the crate reminds Boom of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we go into the science of the box art.
  • Anyone out there know Lawbreakers?
  • Running down Boom’s first crate: Keep, In the Geek Box, or Something for a Friend?
  • Good first impression on Boom from Loot Crate!
  • Hey, LootCrate — how about a Stranger Things crate? Something to think about!

50:24 — Wrapping up

  • The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh drops tomorrow!
  • Where are we going to be between now and the end of the year…
    • 14-16 October, Steampunk unLimited in Strasburg, PA
    • 22 October, The Maryland Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, MD for the “Day of Wrong”
    • 18-20 November, PhilCon in Cherry Hill, NJ
    • We are getting your voicemails and email, but we’ve been recording jam-packed shows of late. We will be getting to them soon! Until then…
      • Call us at 703.791.1701 (now accessible through the Instagram app!)
      • Send me email — tee@teemorris.com
      • Send Pip email — pip@pjballantine.com
      • …or find us on social media everywhere.


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leave us a voicemail or questions for the show at 703.791.1701,
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