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Episode #44: All About New Space


The Shared Desk

This episode it is just Pip and Tee in the studio…but it is a somewhat different studio.

00:00 Introduction, and a little commentary

  • Pip and Tee make eye contact for the first time on the Shared Desk
  • Tee has some new drop ins…
  • The duo look forward to seeing Ash vs the Evil Dead.
  • Pip has cracked and is looking for drop ins herself
  • Stuff is getting painted because Pip looks at too much Pinterest

05:26 Making time to make author space

  •  The old ‘shared desk’ is dead after a hammer attack
  • Two desks together mean Pip and Tee can talk to each other. Here’s what they went with.
  • No one likes upside down kit set furniture
  • When choosing furniture, make sure to take into account cats
  • Pip is getting used to it, after perching!
  • Getting cocky with a rubber band Pip found in her desk!
  • Does new space mean more creativity?
  • Less distractions and being together seem to be helping
  • Shared offices often mean side to side seating, or back to back.
  • Nick Kelly and Stacia D Kelly have a interesting layout in their office.
  • Pip likes her drawers
  • The benefits (and dangers) of having multiple monitors.
  • Tee now has his back to the door.
  • Pip and Tee have no chance of an author shed


23:18 Writers off the clock. Sense8

  • As writers Pip and Tee are digging Sense8
  • Even though Tee spells it wrong
  • Sense8 has some of the most global, diverse and fascinating writing.
  • Check out the cast
  • Supporting characters are also amazing
  • Like writing novels, having a plan is a good idea. Sense8 has a five season arc apparently.
  • Exposes watchers to different realities.
  • Tee waxes lyrical on actors he has known
  • Even the music is beautiful
  • Conan and Van Damme have their moments

38:44 Wrap Up

  • There is no chance of a half an hour the Shared Desk
  • Since Pip is staring at the board now so she’s in charge of upcoming appearances
  • If you’re in New York at the Writer’s Digest Pip and Tee are talking about social media and steampunk
  • Look for the duo at Steampunk Unlimited.
  • Tee and Pip are working on the fifth Ministry book and on an epic fantasy series called, the Blood Road (lots of dead people already!)
  • New supplements for the Ministry Initiative have been approved so look for the villains soon! Buy Tools of the Trade now
  • Donations were made to Inn Roads Ministries and TavernCon
  • Our model will hopefully be back for Book Five of the Ministry
  • Thanks to the fans, we’re on Locus Bestseller List
  • Send us a picture of your writing space!



Find us on Twitter at either Tee’s or Pip’s account,
leave us a voicemail or question for the show at 703.791.1701,
or leave us a comment here at the blog.

Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.


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