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Episode #105: Is Jack Evil?

We welcome our pal, Jack Mangan to the Shared Desk, and back into the writing gig. Jack’s new foray into creativity is a graphic novel. We dig deep into this process and how Jack’s getting it done with crowdfunding.

0:45 Jack Mangan introduction

  • Though he has no AKA name, we’re glad to see him.
  • You might know Jack from Spherical Tomi and Deadpan
  • From back in the days….
Podcasters from 15 years ago
  • Jack talks about his podcast trajectory… and then life intervened.
  • Known as a novelist, and podcast, we dive into how Jack’s moved into the new arena of graphic novels.
  • Pip and Tee discuss how much they loved having Jack in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Find it in the second collection of Tales from the Archives

7:29 What were the challenges of changing genre

  • Jack researched the masters of this new genre
  • At first he tried drafting out instructions to the graphic artist.
  • You have to form a relationship between writer and artist- collaboration!
  • Pip contemplates a Ministry graphic novel…

12:48 Pip asks ‘But what is this project?

  • Jack’s history as a music journalist, brought him into contact with Diamond Head.
  • Yes, this project is so METAL!
  • Jack got all the relevant permissions
  • Am I Evil, is a song with a story to tell.
  • Now to the funding of it! Challenges Jack faced… well pandemic!
  • Kickstarter didn’t work out, but now I Am Evil is live on IndieGoGo
  • The idea is to make sure every professional gets paid
  • Meet the team!
  • This is Jack’s passion project, that he wants out in the world.
  • Marketing is always tough. But you have to find the right time to launch and promote.
  • Pip and Tee popped by to Jack’s live launch
  • Everyone delves into their metal credentials…
  • Jack has been writing as a journalist, but he is getting back to fiction—including coming back to Spherical Tomi
  • Many of the original podcasters, are going back to their original fiction worlds.
  • When you are part of a team, you don’t want to let people down.
  • Jack talks about being a mature writer
  • Check out the video!
  • Jack explains how he created the video.
  • Pip brings up stretch goals, and the dangers of pineapple related ones.
  • Jack teases us with royal connections…
  • Am I Evil campaign is live now!

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