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Episode #99: Looking Ahead

00:00 Introduction

We can smell episode 100! We had to stream this twice though….

01:22 Into 2020

  • Tee and Pip have plenty of plans
  • Time for prohibition?
  • Check out where we will be in 2020
  • Tee helped found RavenCon. So we will be there this year!
  • Escape Velocity in Washington DC
Tee’s Dream…
  • Tee guesses wrong
  • Gencon bound!!
  • We had a time a great time last year, looking forward to more shenanigans in Indy
  • Next up Key City Steampunk Festival which is now in Gettysburg, PA
  • And then venturing into Florida, as Guests of Honor at Necronomicon in Tampa Florida!
  • Tee heads back to TwitchCon
  • Twitch for Dummies is now a year old!
  • These old bones can manage this schedule
  • Tee and Pip have a few requirements for traveling to events…
  • …but they will do a Shared Desk LIVE!
  • Asking the organizers of events works- but get in advance
  • Our writers’ retreat is coming up… and this year, we’re heading to the beach!

16:49 Talking Publications

  • Pip has a schedule… with a nebulous section
  • Didn’t work out so well last year, but that is why we go with nebulous
  • Chuck Wendig’s post on write what you want, because everything is falling apart.
  • Pip and Tee put a lot of expectations and pressure on writing last year.
  • However Tee’s 2020 started off with a bang.
  • Podcasting for Dummies is going
  • Discord for Dummies is currently under construction, but Tee just lost a month
  • So let’s write what we want to write.
  • Pip *sigh*
  • The Weald, is Pip’s current WIP. A fantasy novel set in Regency England
  • At the same time, she’s editing the first book of the Spectral Protectors. The Fierce Dead– now available for pre-order
  • Pip and Tee argue about The Secret of the Monkey God release date
  • Pip also plans book Two of the Spectral Protectors.
  • Death and the Falcon or Falcon and the RAVEN, the story of Henrietta Falcon and Sophia del Morte are planned for the end of the year.
  • Tee’s heart is calling him to write, Villainy LLC, a story of the B List superheroes. Setting it in Richmond, VA
  • Check in with us at the end of the year
  • Pip wants Tee to get back to enjoying the pure creativity of just writing
  • Tee is still thinking about retooling Dope story.
  • Pip suggests putting away a project for awhile to give perspective
Feeling 2020 like…
  • Pip is resetting, by making sure to read every day.
  • No faux Jane Austen though.

31:35 Writers Off the Clock: The Witcher

  • Pip wants to find a show where Henry Cavill takes a bath
  • Tee brings an ear worm
  • Based on the books from Poland
  • Prepare for the cosplaying!!
  • Party City wig was replaced… thank goodness!!
  • The separate timelines took a bit to work out
  • Episode 4 was a little wobbly… but we forgive them
  • Pip starts streaming Philippa’s Freaky Friday playing Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Check in on Friday nights for fun times…
  • Stealing from peasants is part of the story… morally wrong as that is.

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