The Shared Desk #001: The Editorial Process

Tee & Pip, for their first official episode, talk about the editorial process as they get their notes for Of Cogs & Corsets: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel.

00:00 — Introduction & Show Topic

  • Yeah, this is how the pros intro a show!
  • Entering the editorial process
  • Picking and choosing your battles
  • Pip defends her choice to time travel in Spectyr
  • Giving-and-Taking with Editors
  • Taking the Editor’s Chair as a Writer

18:12 — Eagle Vs. Kiwi

  • Culture Clash between the Kiwi and Outback Steakhouse
  • Tee’s awful Kiwi accent
  • 20:42 — First “Back in Box, Morris.”
  • Seriously, Pip — it’s the Outback! What did you expect when you saw “Alice Springs Quesadilla” on the menu?!
  • An Epic Faux Pas with New Zealand Lamb

24:32 — Writers Off the Clock

  • True Blood —  Cajun Craziness with Sookie Stackhouse and the good folks of Bon Temps.
  • The dangers of cranking things up past 11.
  • Plotlines that have GOT to go!
  • A quick tangent on Alexander Skarsgård, Eric, and Battleship (Seriously, dude — Battleship?!)

40:20 — Wrap-Up

  • The end of Tales from the Archives are coming, but there’s more to come!
  • We’re heading to WorldCon. See you there!
  • We might be busy, but we’re not that busy.
  • A new project from our friend, Alex White
  • Got a question for the show? Track us down and ask us!
Drop-in’s featured: Serenity
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Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.


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4 Responses to The Shared Desk #001: The Editorial Process

  1. Great 00 ep. Forgot how much I really missed hearing you two. The show sounds great, good concept, nice banter, should be interesting to see what ep 1 brings. Welcome back you two!

  2. You know, I think I can explain the Outback thing. And I bet it will make perfect sense to both of you.


  3. Adam Morey

    I forgot how much I missed hearing the two of you go back and forth. The only way this show could be more awesome is if you were drinking. Looking forward to more!

  4. Mint Jelly is a crime against lamb!

    My mother is very particular when she sets a table, everything has a dish and a serving spoon, everything is laid out nicely. My parents always made excellent lamb, it was a treat we would always beg for (with 9 kids we didn’t get it much) and for some reason my brother got it into his head that he needed mint jelly for the lamb. My mother served it with fresh mint, not jelly, never jelly. Yet my brother kept complaining and asking for it till she served it to him with mint jelly still in the jar and not even opened. Mint Jelly on Lamb is like covering a steak with Ketchup.

    Love the Kiwi vs Eagle segment, I love cross culture commentary

    Also, Pip, Most of the guys I’ve met from Louisiana look more like Andy Belflure then Eric and Alcied (and those are the good looking guys)