The Shared Desk #002: The Writer-Agent Relationship (with Laurie McLean)

Fresh from their WorldCon experience, Tee & Pip bring to The Shared Desk their first interview and introduce a new segment to the show. There is also talk of their next con appearance and what lies ahead for the Fall.

00:00 — Introduction

  • Two episodes and fresh from the land where finding a cab is a Herculean labor…
  • Do you remember the D-Con Roach Motel?
  • A few thoughts on WorldCon in Reno, Nevada.

02:28 — Working with Agents: An Interview with Laurie McLean

  • Introduction of the Agent Savant herself, Laurie McLean
  • What exactly does an agent do?
  • Laurie names off the top of her head the “Six Sisters” of Publishing
  • 06:50 — An idea for an alternate Worldcon
  • The evolution of publishing and where an agent fit in
  • How some agents are reacting to the change in publishing
  • On the adversarial relationships people harbor against agents (Note to J.K. Rowling’s former agentRETIRE!!!)
  • Something to know — all agents are different
  • What happens backstage between agents, editors, and bookstores
  • The challenges an agent has when representing a collaborative writing team
  • What is “hot” in the Science Fiction and Fantasy market
  • 35:26 — A sneak peek at a new segment coming later in the episode…
  • Where to find Laurie online

39:59 — Writing Advice from Crazy Uncle Charlie

  • Introducing a voice of our generation, and the sage advice he wants to bestow to writers everywhere…
  • The question for Crazy Uncle Charlie: How do you know you have found a good literary agent?
  • Crazy Uncle Charlie reveals his foolproof method of researching a literary agent.
  • Another method Crazy Uncle Charlie endorses: Writers Beware ®

42:56 — Wrap-Up

  • Why does the studio smell of cheese?
  • Where you can find us and send questions, comments, and feedback…
  • Feeling the love after two episodes…
  • Where we will be in September: FenCon (September 23-25,2011)
  • With folks like Matt Bowerman and Beth Case helping out the fans, we’re thinking a tweet-up is in order.
  • Anticipation for FenCon — yes, we are stoked!!!
  • Shout out to Hurricane Irene!

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Enjoy the ride
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5 Responses to The Shared Desk #002: The Writer-Agent Relationship (with Laurie McLean)

  1. It is sooo great to hear you two back on podcast … you two rock!

    You put up a link to Laurie’s agency? Does Laurie know how many writers listen to your stuff? 😉

  2. Excellent episode. Very interesting to get the Agent’s side of things, as that is a POV that one very rarely sees.


  3. Oh my goodness I love this podcast. You guys have hit the nail on the head. I can’t say it enough, The advice that Laurie agave.

    If I could have reached though my ear buds to give her a hug I would have.

    Great interview, a lot of really good information. Keep it coming this is great fun.

  4. Loved the episode. Can’t wait to see what you have next.

    Two things.
    First while you had good info in the Crazy Uncle Charlie section, to be honest I found the bit really annoying.

    Also a question for the show.
    I remember during the lead-up to Phoenix Rising you both discussed how you collaborated on the project and specifically the positives of working on opposing sides of the world.
    So how has being in closer proximity (temporally) affecting how you do the writing process?