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Episode #96: Confessions and Dangers

The Shared Desk

00:00 Introduction

  • Tee has some new dropins for us from Aggretsuko
  • previous 96 audio wasn’t good enough, so it is a lost episode now. Spooky!
  • Pip comes out from behind the mic
  • Shout out to Key City Steampunk. You’re still awesome.
Our patronus

02:53 A Writer Beware Moment

  • Ways to read signs ahead
  • Marie Bilodeau’s blogpost to read
  • Anyone we know through Katie is a good egg
  • Our sore point gets triggered… not getting paid
  • You need to be getting statements at least every six months
  • Do check out SFWA’s Writer Beware
  • Examine your contract before signing… a trick for new and eager writers
  • Tee was smarter than the average author, and checked out his first contract throughly
  • Pip did not
  • Tee recommends research and get a lawyer to check it out.
  • Make sure the lawyer is one versed in contract law and Intellectual Property
  • Be as serious about your contract as you are about your writing career
  • Pip confesses to grabby hands… and that rare time when Tee is smarter than she was
New authors be like…
  • Make sure your contract specifies how you can get out of it.
  • Tee admits he did make other mistakes
  • Don’t make your author copy transactions too complicated
  • Keep yourself in charge of pricing when working conventions and events
  • Small press has the most varied of contract, but every contract needs to checked
  • Small presses also far less likely to pay advances and agents therefore usually won’t get involved on your behalf
Maybe not follow this guy to legal advice…

19:07 Trust Your Gut Too

  • Tee dives into some bad memories from the past… and Pip points out that was ancient times
  • A party makes an impression
  • An uncomfortable conversation where Pip gets a vibe
  • If you can’t get a straight answer out of someone, ask yourself if you want to be in business with them
  • Be alert for red flags
  • Check with author groups (some good ones on Facebook) on the reputation of the publisher
  • When a contract is broken, it still takes money to fight
  • Legal fights in different states and countries can be tricky
  • Tee did have to threaten legal action to get paid… but he did get there eventually. But he was in the same state as the company who hadn’t paid.
  • Tee got a great birthday present!
  • Professional organizations can help you get your money, often without needing to resort to courts
  • Also, without statements you don’t know how well your books are selling
  • Wiley statements showed a renewed interest in Podcasting for Dummies—so new edition happened
  • Such are the nuts and bolts of the business

34:20 Writers off the Clock: Binge Worthy Media

Kiwis have the best ideas…

48:38 Wrap up

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The Shared Desk #002: The Writer-Agent Relationship (with Laurie McLean)

Fresh from their WorldCon experience, Tee & Pip bring to The Shared Desk their first interview and introduce a new segment to the show. There is also talk of their next con appearance and what lies ahead for the Fall.

00:00 — Introduction

  • Two episodes and fresh from the land where finding a cab is a Herculean labor…
  • Do you remember the D-Con Roach Motel?
  • A few thoughts on WorldCon in Reno, Nevada.

02:28 — Working with Agents: An Interview with Laurie McLean

  • Introduction of the Agent Savant herself, Laurie McLean
  • What exactly does an agent do?
  • Laurie names off the top of her head the “Six Sisters” of Publishing
  • 06:50 — An idea for an alternate Worldcon
  • The evolution of publishing and where an agent fit in
  • How some agents are reacting to the change in publishing
  • On the adversarial relationships people harbor against agents (Note to J.K. Rowling’s former agentRETIRE!!!)
  • Something to know — all agents are different
  • What happens backstage between agents, editors, and bookstores
  • The challenges an agent has when representing a collaborative writing team
  • What is “hot” in the Science Fiction and Fantasy market
  • 35:26 — A sneak peek at a new segment coming later in the episode…
  • Where to find Laurie online

39:59 — Writing Advice from Crazy Uncle Charlie

  • Introducing a voice of our generation, and the sage advice he wants to bestow to writers everywhere…
  • The question for Crazy Uncle Charlie: How do you know you have found a good literary agent?
  • Crazy Uncle Charlie reveals his foolproof method of researching a literary agent.
  • Another method Crazy Uncle Charlie endorses: Writers Beware ®

42:56 — Wrap-Up

  • Why does the studio smell of cheese?
  • Where you can find us and send questions, comments, and feedback…
  • Feeling the love after two episodes…
  • Where we will be in September: FenCon (September 23-25,2011)
  • With folks like Matt Bowerman and Beth Case helping out the fans, we’re thinking a tweet-up is in order.
  • Anticipation for FenCon — yes, we are stoked!!!
  • Shout out to Hurricane Irene!

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leave us a voicemail or question for the show at 703.791.1701,
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Enjoy the ride
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