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Episode #100: What a RIDE!

The Shared Desk
New Show Art by Candy Cane Studios
  • They said we couldn’t make it… whoever they are…
  • Pip and Tee chose Birds of Prey for their Valentine’s movie!
  • We get cheers from chat!

3:04 Let’s Look Back

  • Pip tried to count Dog Days of Podcasting that Tee did in 2018
  • Consistency… well not so much our thing….
  • Episode 1… we started off pretty exclusively about the craft!
  • And we started with the idea of half hour episodes…

7:23 Types of episodes

  • We’ve done craft and business episodes
  • But our most downloaded episode was Episode 59, about Penny Dreadful from a writer’s point of view
  • Then we’ve covered, marketing, had guests in show, and recorded from events
  • Then there are the odd ones…
  • And the evergreen content ‘writers did what now?’

9:29 Let’s talk about guests

14:02 We Tracked Smoky Writers

  • From the beginning, our beloved retreat was covered. Either there, or a post-retreat review
  • Our largest guest episode, with all the microphones!
  • Pip reflects on the fun stuff represented by the Shared Desk

14: 55 Consistency? What’s that??

  • Sometimes we slipped…
  • Editing is a thing… we don’t like to just release into the wild
  • Deadlines and families to come first… podcasting fell by the way side
  • Some years have been easier than others
  • We started streaming in 2018, episode 90.
  • Streaming has kept us more on track

17:28 Memories of past segments

  • Eagle vs kiwi — limited options after a point
  • Crazy Uncle Charlie — his time passed (Pip was happy about that)
Charlie went to do his own thing…

20:32 Picking out some favorite episodes and topics

  • Pip mentions episode 23, where we talked about a writer’s kit and giveaway swag
  • Tee diverts into Penny Dreadful side rant…
  • Pip and Tee discuss some of the changes to swag people expect
  • Pip mentions the 99c book promo choices authors make
  • The infamous way Goodreads reviewers mark books before they’ve even been released
  • Giving away your work, you need to be careful how you do it
  • The short story market has changed over the course of this podcast
  • Work for free is still however something to be avoided
  • SFWA has also changed… and improved!
  • Print is still alive!
  • Pip’s patreon got started in the middle of the Shared Desk

36:37 Live shows!

  • A lot of fun has been had at a lot of conventions
  • Episode 75 from the SFWA Nebula Awards show. One of Tee’s favs
  • Our first on the road show, was Author’s After Dark
  • Demi-Con was a blast, and Tee was Guest of Honor
  • Alyson Grauer we met there, and has a book out
  • PC Haring showed us around

40:47 Pip can’t recall and episode

  • The mysterious episode 45… the world is full of disturbing books
  • Oh and it was a racist POS
  • The Shared Desk could be writers behaving badly

41:52 Pip’s Favorite

  • Episode 51: The ABC
  • Recorded around the time of the book cover shoot. Featuring Verena Vorsatz and Christina Payton.
  • Quite a memorable time

46:21 Pip gets the credit

  • Tee riffs on Pip causing the whole damn thing
  • So many good times, so many good friends.
  • We met the Kellys just because of this podcast
  • What a grand time it’s been…
  • Thank you for all the support and love
We mean it…

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Episode #34: DemiCon 25 Wrap-Up (with P.C. Haring, Aly Grauer, Melissa Fox, and Christina Payton)


Two cons back to back — RavenCon and DemiCon — and Tee and Pip are snapping back from the shenanigans in Virginia and Iowa. As this episode is a few days late, your show hosts super-size this episode with many different perspectives and reflections on the weekend that is DemiCon 25. Strap yourself in for some serious silliness on mic and insights into the weekend of geeking in Des Moines.

00:00 — Introduction

  • Getting in a quick intro and a a drop-in fix.
  • It’s a DemiCon 25 wrap-up for this week’s show!
  • Pip’s working on Immortal Progeny so I’m bringing us into this show.
  • So let’s step back in time…

1:55 — DemiCon 25 Wrap-Up 

  • Introductions.
    • Tee’s coffee cup is broken.
    • Let the hazing begin.
    • The ladies from Chicago show up.
    • On the Mic: Tee, Pip, P.C. Haring, Alyson Grauer, Melissa Fox
  • Food arrives…and eventually, we will get this show on track.
    • If you are curious, the crunch-crunch-crunch is the taco shell of our salad.
    • Aly thinks a Shared Desk at Bennigan’s is a bad idea.
  • Space Happens: The Kickstarter project currently on Aly’s and Mel’s plate…and it looks funny.
  • What brings Tee back to DemiCon?
  • P.C. Haring is sharing the wealth with the ladies…
  • Aly wants to do the ding along with the bell.
  • Aaaaaaand more hazing of the Author Guest of Honor…
  • What brings Aly Grauer and Mel Fox to DemiCon?
    • Aly’s first step into the Indie Author realm.
    • All of Pip’s dreams involve Idris Elba. Shocker that.
    • The Buffalo is fighting against Pip.
    • A quick review of Bennigan’s and the quality of hotel restaurants.
    • The best thing about the convention circuit: Networking.
  • What brings “Paul from Des Moines” back to Des Moines?
  • DemiCon 18 versus DemiCon 25
  •  DemiCon actually began on Thursday…
    • Voiceover Workshop at Theodore Roosevelt High School
    • A killer book signing at Barnes & Noble with Joe Halderman
    • …and ending with a blurry night in Des Moines.
  • DemiCon on Friday Night
    • Aly, Pip, and Tee talk about Barnes & Noble and the attitude towards a drive-by signing…
    • Aly was worried that we were going to be divas.
    • Tee reflects on being in a car with Terry Brooks. (OMG, he hates me!!!)
    • Meet the Ministry Panel — our kickoff panel
      • Captain Jack the Dapper Cat, making appearances throughout the weekend
      • We start talking about True Detective…but hop back to Vikings.
    •  The True Detective Panel
  • DemiCon on Saturday
    • Collaborating with Friends (with P.C. and Pip)
      • The many bromances of Tee Morris
      • Christina Payton — our Eliza cosplayer — joins us, making the weekend wrap-up complete.
      • Pip suffers from trust issues, and nearly chokes Aly in talking about it.
      • Manners, please!
      • Hi, Christina! Tell us about your costumes…
      • “This waitress is out to get me!” — Tee
      • We brainstorm on the various Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences action figures.
    • The Book Signing
      • Reactions from Aly and P.C.
      • Plan 9 Burlesque in Chicago — Aly’s first signing, but not her FIRST signing which was DemiCon…kinda.
      • “Pip is an exotic specimen.” — Aly Grauer
      • And once again, the Mango Smoodie story rears its ugly head.
    • Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman
      • Aly regales us with stories of P.C.’s naiveté.
      • P.C. tries to #blametheboot, and thus a new hashtag is born.
      • Christina and Mel share thoughts on the DemiCon tea party.
      • Reflections on Gung Fu Tea
    • The Guests of Honor Panel Discussion
      • Kind of “Meh.”
      • Not what Tee was expecting or hoping for…
      • Theatre of the Mind: Aly Grauer displays her skills in stealth.
      • The GoH Discussion reflects the tone of DemiCon 25. Not a bad tone, just a little exclusive.
      • Aaaaaaand the server releases another salvo….
    • Women in Steampunk (with Pip)
      • Complete with an appearance from #DapperCat
      • Pip updates and bulks up the Library of Congress talk.
      • A better turnout at DemiCon.
      • Pip name drops. A LOT!
      • Aly shares her favorite things about the talk.
    • The Reading
      • Pip was speaking in cursive.
      • Giving a reading in the style of scandalous actors.
      • What sobers you up? An Australian accent for Pip, apparently.
      • The different stages of speaking: Cursive, Calligraphy, Wingdings
      • The League of Fonts (A College Humor video)
    • The Masquerade (with Aly and Mel)
      • Aly’s incredibly awesome Smaug costume.
      • Mel brings it to DemiCon with the Doctor Who Clockwork Invaders…clockwork_01
      • Doctor Who‘s Weeping Angels…for Dummies.
      • Mel takes the Masquerade!
      • It’s off to the hot tub!
  • DemiCon on Sunday
    • The Podcasting Panel
      • GREAT turnout for a 9 a.m. panel
      • The Jesus Sightings
      • P.C. joins Tee for the Podcasting discussion.
      • Tee prefers to be on panels…with other people.
    • What Are You Watching?
      • Tee and Pip stay in genre and then drift out of genre…
      • We forgot Orphan Black. DAMMIT!
  • Coming back full circle to Bennigan’s…
  • What we all walked away with following DemiCon 25…
  • The genesis of Space Happens
  • The potential of Space Happens — go and donate at their Kickstarter!!!
  • Christina — you’re on mic! GO!!!
  • Reminiscing about Emerald City Steampunk Expo…
  • And Jolie swings by the table to say “Hey!” and to prove she is still upright after the DemiCon 25 weekend!

1:28:15 — The Wrap-Up



Find us on Twitter at either Tee’s or Pip’s account,
leave us a voicemail or question for the show at 703.791.1701,
or leave us a comment here at the blog.

Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.

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