The Shared Desk — Episode #15: The Listener Appreciation Show (Volume 2)

Call in with your questions and comments!

WOW! We collected enough comments, questions, and overall opinions from you, the listeners, to make this show our second Listener Appreciation Show! We got some questions on Kindle, Scrivener, and Book Reviews, but we also got questions on topics we have never tackled before on mic.

And Pip gets not one but TWO drop-in’s of her own…

00:00 — Introduction

  • A quick shout out to Geek Radio Daily for their own touch on the show…
  • Yeah, Tee is showing the kind of love that only Soundboard can truly deliver.
  • …and the Shared Desk Voicemail Line for the next one — 703.791.1701

04:30 —  Your Voicemail and Email

  • Guy Barber from Cornwall, UK, sends us kudos for the audio version of HarperAudio’s Phoenix Rising and The Shared Desk, and puts in his vote for an audio version of Geist.
  • Ben from Florida asks close on the same question as emails from Valkyrie Page and Chris Forshner on how we collaborate and the creative process between the two of us.
    • Tee talks about Pip’s strengths and then discusses his own.
    • How other authors collaborate against what Pip and Tee do.
  • Melissa Hay surprises us with a call, and brings up the topic of book bloggers and how authors and publishers are keeping the peace, at least for now…
  • Terry Arman asks us what we thought of the promo he cut for us…but has us at a loss.
  • Nobilis Reed wants to know how we collaborate using Scrivener.
  • P.C. Haring Calls “Shenanigans!” on our Scrivener…and we call him to the mat with some help from Phil Rossi!
  • David from the Scrivener Crew writes us a killer “thank you” note.
  • Our Anonymous NYT Bestseller gives inside dirt on Amazon and their own titles…
    • Pip finds herself derailed by her bumper and a lack of breakfast.
    • Is there anyone “big enough” to stand toe-to-toe with Amazon? Well, yes
    • More discussion about Amazon, and a shameless plug for The Janus Affair
  • Rick Asplund calls in to give us BVL (big Viking love) from Chicago.
  • Dan Dan the Artman drops a voicemail that calls forth the humbled (and slightly vaklempt) Crazy Uncle Charlie.
  • Michael Spence mainlines The Shared Desk and gives his own opinions on shared universes.
  • Tony Mast takes Tee to task for releasing Aladdin and His Wonderfully Infernal Device for the Kindle exclusively.
  • Gail Carrigerwants to know what the “Shared Desk” really looks like……so here it is:

  • And from the Great White North comes Steve Saylor, asking of working with video to promote your writing.

1:03:03 — The Wrap-Up

  • The Second Listener Appreciation Show is DONE, and now we need your comments for Show #20!
  • Hunger may be pushing Pip closer to PIP RAGE!!! 
  • Where to leave your comments for us…
  • April 10 — Volume 2 of Tales from the Archives goes live!
  • Tee’s cheat-sheet is swiped from him…but he nails the Creative Commons exit.
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2 Responses to The Shared Desk — Episode #15: The Listener Appreciation Show (Volume 2)

  1. First and foremost… I LOVE the drop in for Pip, “Bit my Sweet ass” Love that one! LOL. I laugh every time you use it. But, in that, it’s a hats off to Tee for using at the exact proper moment.

    I will say when reading Phoenix Rising, I tried to figure out where Tee left of and Pip picked up, and in reverse. You two really blended together wonderfully. There were a few places I could guess, but over all, it was hard to tell.

    Thanks again! And I’m planning on a few photos as well, er…part of reason for having a tag-a-long. He’s to take pictures for me. ;D

    He got his first taste of Steampunk at a gaming convention he went to not to long ago and was asking me if I had heard of this “steampunk” style. I had to laugh.

    And now I need to get back to listening to Alex White’s The Gearheart. *coughthankstoyoucough*

  2. Nicole

    Thanks for another great show!

    I have a quick comment on the proposed Amazon bookstore in Seattle. Seattle already has an independent bookstore (the University Book Store that does amazing community outreach, including events with NYT bestselling authors. In the past year alone I’ve seen George R. R. Martin, Neal Stephenson, and Brandon Sanderson, just to name a few, give readings in Seattle. I often have the problem of there being *too many* readings to attend, particularly in the summer when the instructors from the Clarion Writing Workshop roll through. Borders never provided a comparable community experience in Seattle, in my opinion, and I dislike the idea of Amazon taking that away from the U Bookstore.