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Episode #102: Collaborators in life and art

The video stream
  • We’re still social distancing, but we can still be social!
  • We welcome Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski—another collaborating couple!
Such an epic couple!
  • We’ve know each other… Aly and Drew are ‘like us but younger!’
  • Collaborators in life and art!
  • Aly produced two short stories for Tales from the Archives
  • Pip tries some new words from the youth! Vibe and dabbing are no allowed.

6:05 Tee asks the hard question of Aly and Drew; Where’d this all start?

  • Like many collaborators, editing and brainstorming often comes off
  • Aly and Drew started on a project from the Renaissance Faire
  • Starting off sharing creative projects can be fun… but the rewards are worth it
You can share it!
  • For a start, there are no rules
  • Writers are often imagined solitary- but they don’t have to be!
Sad writer contemplates writing all alone…
  • People tend to think ideas are precious, and can be easily lost… but the truth is there are a lot out there
  • Tee admits thinking never to write another podcasting book.
  • …and is currently working on 4th edition of Podcasting for Dummies
Pip and Tee fear becoming Taylor and Burton
  • Tee brings back the story of the Silver Pharaoh.
  • Aly and Drew share their own tense moment.
  • The truth of the matter is, everyone looks back at their first book critically.

21:00 How do you navigate criticism between partners?

  • Talk about specifics, good and bad
  • It can be bad when you take criticism too much to heart, and let it break your confidence
  • Aly and Drew poured energy into Warda, and it became a podcast and a tabletop game
  • Aly finally found a way back in with Drew’s support
  • Drew points out, building a collaboration takes years
  • Pip recounts the path of collaboration for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences
  • The couples talk about the strengths that make their collaborations work

38:42 Let’s talk Skyjacks:Courier’s Call

  • Aly and Drew have a new podcast collaboration, Skyjacks: Courier’s Call
  • Skyjacks is a wider collaboration, but it wasn’t child friendly, hence the spinoff
  • Pip gets excited by large birds… especially large kiwis!
  • We touch on the advantages the Kickstarter campaign had
  • The nature of the podcast and the storytelling is very collaborative.
  • Tee waxes lyrical on the latest wave of roleplaying
  • Art is not created in a vacuum!
  • Pip and Tee call out some of the wonderful folks they’ve collaborated with in the past!
  • Pip talks about her own roleplaying fun with George the Dinosaur
Ashimei and George- art by Candy Cane Studios

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