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Episode #82: The One with the Dragon

Prepare to go deep into this episode where we talk about productivity and how Tee has managed to improve his with a new tool.

00:00 —  Introduction

  • No one likes the Mirror Universe, especially K T Bryski
  • Sebastian stops the bell. And makes his presence known throughout the episode.
  • Tee’s commute was a word killer
  • Pip blames Destiny….just a little bit.
  • Piper J Drake makes an appearance…from the æther!

04:39 —  Productivity with a Dragon

  • Piper suggested Dragon Anywhere the mobile version of Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Tee is intrigued and gives it a shot
  • Syncs with Dropbox and Evernote
  • In Tee’s commute of about an hour one way, got 1500 words.
  • Pip reckons 3,000 per day is a nice pace
  • Tee reads how it came out, the first time… a little word soupy. Play the game while editing ‘what does that sound like?’
  • The app does learn and so does the person
  • Pip worries if there is a tangent coming…
  • There is. Battlestar Galactica dictation.
  • Still dictation is better than typing on your laptop in traffic.
  • The dragon stops listening if the phone goes to sleep, or if it doesn’t hear anything after 15-30 seconds
  • Tee didn’t read the instructions. Surprise!
  • Sebastian tries to send Pip to sleep
  • Night’s Plutonian Shore gets a mention
  • Sebastian continues to interrupt from the Desk
  • Just tell the Dragon to sync
  • Tee is much happier thanks to this Dragon, but his podcast listening will take a hit
  • Reading aloud really helps you spot the problems in your work

29:01 — The Loot Crate Lookie-Loo!

  • Tee gets to open the box the theme is not magic… its mythical
  • Sebastian deliberately messes with the soundboard.
  • Nice 80s neon Ghostbusters tee!
  • We divert to Stranger Things…
  • Thor is coming!!!
  • Tee gives Pip all the building to do… but it works out better
  • Pip promises not to watch Stranger Things 2 without Tee. Will she keep it?
  • Mr Pointy is a bookmark!

35:41 — The Wrap-Up

  • Pip finishes the building! HUZZAH!
  • 2017 is nearly done
    • 28 October, Tee will be alongside Chuck Tomasi, hosting the P.I.Y. Workshop, a launch event for Podcasting for Dummies, 3rd Edition in Phoenix, AZ.  You can turn up at the door if you’ve missed getting your tickets!
    • Hardware track, software track, and the best practices track.
    • The Podcasting for Dummies Companion Podcast
    • Tee might bring this show to the East Coast next year sometime.
  • Star Wars Day in Woodbridge, VA with Tee presenting his soundtrack panel
  • Pip and Tee had a lot of peopling on the weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
  • Page After Page the bookstore within the festival!
  • Met friends from last year. Always a delight.
  • Pip saw her first centaur and a satyr!
  • Pip and Tee will be back next year with new books and the roleplaying game!
  • Pip’s Patreon will feature a horror story for this month.
  • Pip may have a new podcast idea, which Tee did not shoot down. (Heck, Tee has got ZERO GROUND to stand on. Look at what he started months ago. And then there’s this!)
  • We Don’t Talk About That will take you to the dark side of New Zealand. Coming sometime soon… maybe…
  • Pip was near four murders… so those will probably feature.
  • If you have an event and want The Shared Desk to appear there, or if you just want to share an opinion about the show, here’s where to find us…
    • 703.791.1701
    • pip@pjballantine.com
    • tee@teemorris.com
    • …and social media, of course.

52:29 The 2017 Podcast It Yourself Workshop and Book Launch

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Enjoy the ride
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The Dog Days of Podcasting: Writing Experiences

Special thanks to Corbin J Drake for the photo.

He make it six days into the Dog Days of Podcasting before his better half hopped on mic with him.


Today, Tee and Pip talk about the importance of writing experiences. Sure, word count matters, but so is living life to the fullest. Lauren’s adventures reminded us of this.

There’s also talk about dragon eggs and comparing them to this:

Find Tee on Twitter here,
leave a voicemail or questions for the Dog Days of Podcasting at 703.791.1701,
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Episode 72: The 2017 Smoky Writers Retreat Wrap-Up (featuring K.T. Bryski…and even MORE Hamilton!!!)

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Another year, another retreat in the Smoky Mountains. Here’s how it all went down…

00:00 —  Introduction

  • How many times is Pip going to make this joke?
  • First time with new mics? Why, yes — yes, it is!
  • Special Guest — K.T. Bryski who is always writing like she’s running out of time…
  • New drop-in’s from Hamilton: An American Musical…again!
  • So what’s the new gear and what do you all think?
    • Tee’s on a Heil PR781 for the first time, and digging it!
    • Pip is working the Heil PR40 while using a Heil PL2T Boom Mic stand.
    • Katie is the rebel of the three of us, recording on the MXL BCD-1  (which came with a WS-002 windscreen) with the BCD Boom Mic stand.
    • Thoughts and opinions on the new gear…
    • So why the upgrade? Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi are returning to the stands with Podcasting for Dummies: The Third Edition!

06:48 — Episode 72: The 2017 Smoky Writers Retreat Wrap-Up (featuring K.T. Bryski…now with even MORE Hamilton!!!)

  • What are we taking with us? (Sing along if you know the drop-in…)
  • Always nice to see Stephen Grenade when you get there.
  • A look at the man behind the Smoky Writers Retreat….
  • Great Things about the New Cabin
    • Double the hot tubs!
    • Everyone had beds!
    • Where we found our place to write in Valhalla?
  • Katie is being distracting!
  • Tee starts up a new routine: A Brisk Morning Walk — UPHILL — BOTH WAYS!!!
  • Watch one of the videos from Tee & Tim’s Morning Walk, and laugh at how hard we are working…
  • What we were working on…
    • For Pip: The Illuminal — first draft, now at a 50K word count
    • For Katie: She started off wanting to write a novel, but took a step back to work on short stories.
    • For Tee: Dope, now over 27K deep and running at a good pace
  • If you are not reading Piper J. Drake’s bestselling trilogy, you should be!
    • For Katie: Salmon and Soba Noodles
    • For Pip: She refuses to choose…
    • For Tee: The Lamb Curry
  • Tee starts taking risks with Sirracha.
  • A Day at MagicQuest
    • How to fix MagicQuest from authors who have never grown up…
    • The Mirror Maze — FUN!
    • Blacklight Pirate Golf, as you do!
  • Smoky Writers is NOT a vacation.
  • Just accept it — we all love M.K.!
  • This year saw the founding of the Smoky Writers Chamber Choir!
  • Thank you M.K. for picking up the official SWR Guitar!
  • The reasons we may be returning to Valhalla…
  • What brings us back to Smoky and how this is Alex White’s show…
    • The waiting list could be a retreat in itself.
    • So how about learning from the master? Read this and this.
  • So…are we there yet?

32:03 — Loot Crate Lookie-Loo!

  • The Loot Crate arrived before we left…
  • February Theme: BUILD
    • The Lego Batman Food Container — MINE!
    • The tee-shirt is Volton …and now it is Katie’s
    • Lego Dimensions: Benny and Benny’s Spaceship
    • Tetris Magnets. That’s a distraction waiting to happen.
    • Secret Order of the Keys…something for later.
  • The BUILD crate marks the one-year anniversary with Loot Crate!
  • What else came in the mail? A special Cards Against Humanity expansion pack!
    • It was M.K.’s first time playing, and we were all worried about how she was going to take it…
    • …well, not all of us were worried. There was “That bitch, Stacey!”
    • And what did Tee pick up? A Mass Effect Expansion Pack.

37:36 — The Wrap-Up

45:03 — Post-Show Groove

Find us on Twitter at either Tee’s or Pip’s account,
leave us a voicemail or questions for the show at 703.791.1701,
or leave us a comment here at the blog.
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Enjoy the ride
and we’ll catch you later.

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